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Sam staring at the back of Gabriel's neck | Prompt Meme: 20 june 2011
It's been an entire year since [community profile] gabrielsam opened it's doors. Let's make a little noise!

» Respect is the word of the meme. Don't spread hate. Don't be a jerk.
» Comm rules still apply: Sam & Gabriel or Sam/Gabriel(/any). No wank. No bashing. Warn for spoilers.

» One prompt per comment.
» Multiple responses to prompts are cheerfully encouraged!
» All media types are welcome.
     Art, graphics, fic, fanmixes, etc — if it can be/answer a prompt, it's awesome.
          (However, images larger than 500x500 should have a thumbnail and/or be linked externally.)

» Anonymous commenting is on, IP logging is off, and it will stay that way until it gets abused.
» There may be adult material in the prompts/fills below. This is your warning.
» The subject line is a wonderful feature. Please use it.
     (aka, Titles for fills are fantastic and will earn you hugs and/or high-fives.)

Gabriel's Vessel by [personal profile] assdictionary - Sam/Gabriel - T
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If you are looking for a much shorter version of the rules, you can head on over to the [community profile] gabrielsam profile.

when I said unabridged, I really meant unabridged )

but I still have a question!

Something still confusing you? Just have some general suggestions? Not enough time to actually read through the entire list? That's okay!

Feel free to send a direct message to me ([personal profile] anaraine) or just comment in this entry. I'll answer as quickly as possible, and any question is a-okay with me. I promise I don't bite!


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