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The stories here are centered around Sam Winchester and the Archangel Gabriel/Trickster Loki but with a fairy tale twist. Where magic is real and people can bust into song at any moment, kings and queens rule over kingdoms and anyone can find their true love.
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I have recently created a Supernatural Prompt Meme open to any and all Supernatural related prompts and fills, for anybody who's interested. Please feel free to spam it with Sam/Gabriel. ♥
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In honour of Dreamwidth celebrating its second year in operation and mainly because I'm missing Gabriel, I present the Sam/Gabriel Kink meme over at my Dreamwidth journal.
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Twelve Fandoms, Twelve Days

Supernatural is one of the fandoms for reccing this year! Any completed Supernatural fanwork (the post says 'fic', but it was clarified that other fanworks are welcome) is welcome to be recced and I, for one, would love to see a host of Sam/Gabriel media this year. The recathon is hosted on LJ, but it appears that Open-ID and anonymous comments are welcome.

So read the short FAQ and go rec your favorites!

Follow up! The Supernatural and Crossover recs are now available!