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1) going for a run in the town forest (still wearing work clothes, khakis and a blouse, with a red sweatshirt over them for visibility which lasted about half a mile) - always wear sneakers and a minimizer bra, just in case a walk in the woods turns into a fun trail run. I even saw deer!

(which reminds me, there were dozens of monarch butterflies at rockfest. I keep forgetting to note that somewhere I'll see it and remember in the future. over the beach and roads and marshes; maybe migrating through at the beginning of october?)

2) thinking about nanowrimo - it turns out that my first idea, which I was pretty keen on, is the exact same one I didn't write last year, so I'm guessing that's not going to work out this year either. I'm studying what did work last year: clearly there should be a lot of parties, multiple points of view, an ensemble cast and possibly medals.

3) second mountain was kinder than the first (lower, shorter, and better weather too) with just as beautiful views. Glenn got us both walking sticks, and he took a picture of me using mine to point something out to Mimi on the side of the mountain - it looks like we're standing in front of a scenic green screen. it's the new and delightful background on my phone.

4) putting more air in my balance ball at work: I am taller now. and my feet don't touch the floor.

5) free bagel-a-day month at panera: did not know chocolate chip bagels existed. also, they can be ordered through the app, mitigating the awkwardness of going up to the counter and asking for free things.

6) still getting used to the pull-down second keyboard in iOS11, but battery life is rebounding with additional updates and disabling unnecessary things like extra motion and background app refresh. I've now gone two days without needing to charge my phone (iPod) in the middle of the day!

(next experiment: battery case. and a waterproof pouch for taking pictures underwater! because we are planning to meet some exciting swimming friends in florida, and hopefully not ruin our phones in the process.)

Until Every One Comes Home (NaNoWriMo 2016)

"He didn’t mean to laugh. The fact that Kat’s lab instantly fell to pieces without her--every time!--probably shouldn’t be funny. But it was. It was one of the most reliably slapstick scenarios on the base."

Jack: “Boom, Sophie, Charon? You okay here for a while, or do you want standby firefighters until you get all of this under control?”
Boom: “Oh, it’s never under control. Kat just acts calmer about it than we do.”

Jack: “What are the chances of them actually blowing up a significant amount of the base before Kat gets back?”
Sky: “Bridge tried to calculate it once. Maybe a few times. There were too many variables.”
Jack: “But low. They’re low, right?”
Sky: “They’re probably lower when Kat’s not here, actually. She doesn’t have the same sense of mortality as the rest of us.”
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As previously posted, James had several upcoming Wizard World shows removed from his guest page, but one has been re-added (St Louis) & a new one has been added, too (Cleveland). As I speculated in the previous cancellation post, more may be added back on to his schedule as those events are updated, but they may not. I'll keep you all posted!

James Marsters Upcoming Wizard World Shows

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I second.
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Elsewhere University - Groundskeeping’s Addendum

A sequel to this!

[Elsewhere University]   [my other comics]   [my art]   [my ko-fi]

When I posted the first Elsewhere University comic, I had no idea what it was going to turn into over the following months. The community that’s grown out of it - the stories and art and obscure bits of folklore and science, the fortunetelling asks and vague anon prophecies, all of it building on itself and branching into places that still manage to take me by surprise - has created a weirder and more wonderful world than anything I could have imagined. This comic is meant as a celebration of everything that’s grown out of the stories set in Elsewhere, and an expression of gratitude. I wasn’t even close to being able to include everything; the Library alone would need a dozen pages. For those whose works I did include, I dearly hope I did them justice. Words can’t express what this world and community have grown to mean to me, but I hope this comes close. Thank you so much, all of you. Keep making amazing things.

All works referenced below the cut, if you want to learn more about them!

Keep reading
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Yeah, not to mention Richie wouldn’t be trying to turn Jack against Lucifer unlike the Winchesters/Castiel. Part of it is because Richie is scared shitless of his uncle and the other part is…well, we’ve seen that Jack is one of the only people Lucifer genuinely cares about and loves. He wants to get back to his dimension so that he can be with his son and protect him and nurture him. The fact that Richie took Jack in, put the protective warding around him to hide him from those in Heaven and Hell who would want to use his son, and that Richie just loves Jack for Jack?

Those are very, very big points in Richie’s favor. Good nephew. 

Richie, meanwhile, wants to encourage that more loving part of Lucifer to grow. And there is a part of him that thinks back to him and his father and their relationship and doesn’t think that he has any right to deny Lucifer that bond, no matter how much he doesn’t really like his uncle. 
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Yeah, not to mention Richie wouldn’t be trying to turn Jack against Lucifer unlike the Winchesters/Castiel. Part of it is because Richie is scared shitless of his uncle and the other part is…well, we’ve seen that Jack is one of the only people Lucifer genuinely cares about and loves. He wants to get back to his dimension so that he can be with his son and protect him and nurture him. The fact that Richie took Jack in, put the protective warding around him to hide him from those in Heaven and Hell who would want to use his son, and that Richie just loves Jack for Jack?

Those are very, very big points in Richie’s favor. Good nephew. 

Richie, meanwhile, wants to encourage that more loving part of Lucifer to grow. And there is a part of him that thinks back to him and his father and their relationship and doesn’t think that he has any right to deny Lucifer that bond, no matter how much he doesn’t really like his uncle. 
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Yeah, Richie would not be impressed in the slightest and would probably tell said person to go fuck themselves before teleporting them somewhere away from him.
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I agree. I also think that Sam and Dean, while they would look out for threats against the youngest archangel, would also give Richie his space. The kid has made it clear that he does not want to interact with the supernatural and, like you said, Gabriel died for them. And they would understand why he wouldn’t want to really be buddies with them. Especially Sam, I think. 

There are some instances, though, where they do contact Richie. When Jack is born is definitely one of them. They know that he is in danger, that Heaven and Hell are going to be looking for him so that they can either use him or destroy him. Who better then the only other nephilim in existence to help him? Because Richie could recreate the warding that Gabriel put around him to hide him from Heaven and Hell and put it around Jack and then teach Jack the fine line of being both human and angel. 
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SWEARWOLVES FOR LIFE patch by TimidCryptids
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Some words to use when writing things:







































































































Appetite - craving, demand, gluttony, greed, hunger, inclination, insatiable, longing, lust, passion, ravenousness, relish, taste, thirst, urge, voracity, weakness, willingness, yearning, ardor, dedication, desire, devotion, enthusiasm, excitement, fervor, horny, intensity, keenness, wholeheartedness, zeal

Arouse - agitate, awaken, electrify, enliven, excite, entice, foment, goad, incite, inflame, instigate, kindle, provoke, rally, rouse, spark, stimulate, stir, thrill, waken, warm, whet, attract, charm, coax, fire up, fuel, heat up, lure, produce, stir up, tantalize, tease, tempt, thrum, torment, wind up, work up

Assault - attack, advancing, aggressive, assailing, charging, incursion, inundated, invasion, offensive, onset, onslaught, overwhelmed, ruinous, tempestuous, strike, violation, ambush, assail, barrage, bombard, bombardment, crackdown, woundBeautiful - admirable, alluring, angelic, appealing, bewitching, charming, dazzling, delicate, delightful, divine, elegant, enticing, exquisite, fascinating, gorgeous, graceful, grand, magnificent, marvelous, pleasing, radiant, ravishing, resplendent, splendid, stunning, sublime, attractive, beguiling, captivating, enchanting, engaging, enthralling, eye-catching, fetching, fine, fine-looking, good-looking, handsome, inviting, lovely, mesmeric, mesmerizing, pretty, rakish, refined, striking, tantalizing, temptingBrutal - atrocious, barbarous, bloodthirsty, callous, cruel, feral, ferocious, hard, harsh, heartless, inhuman, merciless, murderous, pitiless, remorseless, rough, rude, ruthless, savage, severe, terrible, unmerciful, vicious, bestial, brute, brutish, cold-blooded, fierce, gory, nasty, rancorous, sadistic, uncompromising, unfeeling, unforgiving, unpitying, violent, wildBurly –able-bodied, athletic, beefy, big, brawny, broad-shouldered, bulky, dense, enormous, great, hard, hardy, hearty, heavily built, heavy, hefty, huge, husky, immense, large, massive, muscular, mighty, outsized, oversized, powerful, powerfully built, prodigious, robust, solid, stalwart, stocky, stout, strapping, strong, strongly built, sturdy, thick, thickset, tough, well-built, well-developedCarnal - animalistic, bodily, impure, lascivious, lecherous, lewd, libidinous, licentious, lustful, physical, prurient, salacious, sensuous, voluptuous, vulgar, wanton, , coarse, crude, dirty, raunchy, rough, uncleanDangerous - alarming, critical, fatal, formidable, impending, malignant, menacing, mortal, nasty, perilous, precarious, pressing, serious, terrible, threatening, treacherous, urgent, vulnerable, wicked, acute, damaging, deadly, death-defying, deathly, destructive, detrimental, explosive, grave, harmful, hazardous, injurious, lethal, life-threatening, noxious, poisonous, risky, severe, terrifying, toxic, unsafe, unstable, venomousDark - atrocious, corrupt, forbidding, foul, infernal, midnight, morbid, ominous, sinful, sinister, somber, threatening, twilight, vile, wicked, abject, alarming, appalling, baleful, bizarre, bleak, bloodcurdling, boding evil, chilling, cold, condemned, creepy, damned, daunting, demented, desolate, dire, dismal, disturbing, doomed, dour, dread, dreary, dusk, eerie, fear, fearsome, frightening, ghastly, ghostly, ghoulish, gloom, gloomy, grave, grim, grisly, gruesome, hair-raising, haunted, hideous, hopeless, horrendous, horrible, horrid, horrific, horrifying, horror, ill-fated, ill-omened, ill-starred, inauspicious, inhospitable, looming, lost, macabre, malice, malignant, menacing, murky, mysterious, night, panic, pessimistic, petrifying, scary, shadows, shadowy, shade, shady, shocking, soul-destroying, sour, spine-chilling, spine-tingling, strange, terrifying, uncanny, unearthly, unlucky, unnatural, unnerving, weird, wretchedDelicious -enticing, exquisite, luscious, lush, rich, savory, sweet, tasty, tempting, appetizing, delectable, flavorsome, full of flavor, juicy, lip-smacking, mouth-watering, piquant, relish, ripe, salty, spicy, scrummy, scrumptious, succulent, tangy, tart, tasty, yummy, zestyEcstasy - delectation, delirium, elation, euphoria, fervor, frenzy, joy, rapture, transport, bliss, excitement, happiness, heaven, high, paradise, rhapsody, thrill, blissful, delighted, elated, extremely happy, in raptures (of delight), in seventh heaven, jubilant, on cloud nine, overexcited, overjoyed, rapturous, thrilledEcstatic - delirious, enraptured, euphoric, fervent, frenzied, joyous, transported, wildErotic - amatory, amorous, aphrodisiac, carnal, earthy, erogenous, fervid, filthy, hot, impassioned, lascivious, lecherous, lewd, raw, romantic, rousing, salacious, seductive, sensual, sexual, spicy, steamy, stimulating, suggestive, titillating, voluptuous, tantalizingGasp - catch of breath, choke, gulp, heave, inhale, pant, puff, snort, wheeze, huff, rasp, sharp intake of air, short of breath, struggle for breath, swallow, winded Heated -ardent, avid, excited, fervent, fervid, fierce, fiery, frenzied, furious, impassioned, intense, passionate, raging, scalding, scorched, stormy, tempestuous, vehement, violent, ablaze, aflame, all-consuming, blazing, blistering, burning, crazed, explosive, febrile, feverish, fired up, flaming, flushed, frantic, hot, hot-blooded, impatient, incensed, maddening, obsessed, possessed, randy, searing, sizzling, smoldering, sweltering, torrid, turbulent, volatile, worked up, zealousHunger - appetite, ache, craving, gluttony, greed, longing, lust, mania, mouth-watering, ravenous, voracious, want, yearning, thirstHungry - avid, carnivorous, covetous, craving, eager, greedy, hungered, rapacious, ravenous, starved, unsatisfied, voracious, avaricious, desirous, famished, grasping, insatiable, keen, longing, predatory, ravening, starving, thirsty, wantingIntense - forceful, severe, passionate, acute, agonizing, ardent, anxious, biting, bitter, burning, close, consuming, cutting, deep, eager, earnest, excessive, exquisite, extreme, fervent, fervid, fierce, forcible, great, harsh, impassioned, keen, marked, piercing, powerful, profound, severe, sharp, strong, vehement, violent, vivid, vigorousLiquid - damp, cream, creamy, dripping, ichorous, juicy, moist, luscious, melted, moist, pulpy, sappy, soaking, solvent, sopping, succulent, viscous, wet / aqueous, broth, elixir, extract, flux, juice, liquor, nectar, sap, sauce, secretion, solution, vitae, awash, moisture, boggy, dewy, drenched, drip, drop, droplet, drowning, flood, flooded, flowing, fountain, jewel, leaky, milky, overflowing, saturated, slick, slippery, soaked, sodden, soggy, stream, swamp, tear, teardrop, torrent, waterlogged, watery, weepingLithe -agile, lean, pliant, slight, spare, sinewy, slender, supple, deft, fit, flexible, lanky, leggy, limber, lissom, lissome, nimble, sinuous, skinny, sleek, slender, slim, svelte, trim, thin, willowy, wiryMoan -beef, cry, gripe, grouse, grumble, lament, lamentation, plaint, sob, wail, whine, bemoan, bewail, carp, deplore, grieve, gripe, grouse, grumble, keen, lament, sigh, sob, wail, whine, mewlMoving - (exciting,) affecting, effective  arousing, awakening, breathless, dynamic, eloquent, emotional, emotive, expressive, fecund, far-out, felt in gut, grabbed by, gripping, heartbreaking, heartrending, impelling, impressive, inspirational, meaningful, mind-bending, mind-blowing, motivating, persuasive, poignant, propelling, provoking, quickening, rallying, rousing, significant, stimulating, simulative, stirring, stunning, touching, awe-inspiring, energizing, exhilarating, fascinating, heart pounding, heart stopping, inspiring, riveting, thrillingNeed - compulsion, demand, desperate, devoir, extremity, impatient longing, must, urge, urgency / desire, appetite, avid, burn, craving, eagerness, fascination, greed, hunger, insatiable, longing, lust, taste, thirst, voracious, want, yearning, ache, addiction, aspiration, desire, fever, fixation, hankering, hope, impulse, inclination, infatuation, itch, obsession, passion, pining, wish, yenPain - ache, afflict, affliction, agony, agonize, anguish, bite, burn, chafe, distress, fever, grief, hurt, inflame, laceration, misery, pang, punish, sting, suffering, tenderness, throb, throe, torment, torture, smartPainful - aching, agonizing, arduous, awful, biting, burning, caustic, dire, distressing, dreadful, excruciating, extreme, grievous, inflamed, piercing, raw, sensitive, severe, sharp, tender, terrible, throbbing, tormenting, angry, bleeding, bloody, bruised, cutting, hurting, injured, irritated, prickly, skinned, smarting, sore, stinging, unbearable, uncomfortable, upsetting, woundedPerverted - aberrant, abnormal, corrupt, debased, debauched, defiling, depraved, deviant, monstrous, tainted, twisted, vicious, warped, wicked, abhorrent, base, decadent, degenerate, degrading, dirty, disgusting, dissipated, dissolute, distasteful, hedonistic, immodest, immoral, indecent, indulgent, licentious, nasty, profligate, repellent, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, shameful, shameless, sickening, sinful, smutty, sordid, unscrupulous, vile Pleasurable - charming, gratifying, luscious, satisfying, savory, agreeable, delicious, delightful, enjoyable, nice, pleasant, pleasing, soothing, succulentPleasure - bliss, delight, gluttony, gratification, relish, satisfaction, thrill, adventure, amusement, buzz, contentment, delight, desire, ecstasy, enjoyment, excitement, fun, happiness, harmony, heaven, joy, kick, liking, paradise, seventh heaven Rapacious- avaricious, ferocious, furious, greedy, predatory, ravening, ravenous, savage, voracious, aggressive, gluttonous, grasping, insatiable, marauding, plunderingRapture - bliss, ecstasy, elation, exaltation, glory, gratification, passion, pleasure, floating, unbridled joyRigid - adamant, austere, definite, determined, exact, firm, hard, rigorous, solid, stern, uncompromising, unrelenting, unyielding, concrete, fixed, harsh, immovable, inflexible, obstinate, resolute, resolved, severe, steadfast, steady, stiff, strong, strict, stubborn, taut, tense, tight, tough, unbending, unchangeable, unwaveringSudden - abrupt, accelerated, acute, fast, flashing, fleeting, hasty, headlong, hurried, immediate, impetuous, impulsive, quick, quickening, rapid, rash, rushing, swift, brash, brisk, brusque, instant, instantaneous, out of the blue, reckless, rushed, sharp, spontaneous, urgent, without warningThrust - (forward) advance, drive, forge, impetus, impulsion, lunge, momentum, onslaught, poke, pressure, prod, propulsion, punch, push, shove, power, proceed, progress, propel(push hard) assail, assault, attack, bear down, buck, drive, force, heave, impale, impel, jab, lunge, plunge, press, pound, prod, ram, shove, stab, transfix, urge, bang, burrow, cram, gouge, jam, pierce, punch, slam, spear, spike, stickThunder-struck -amazed, astonished, aghast, astounded, awestruck, confounded, dazed, dazed, dismayed, overwhelmed, shocked, staggered, startled, stunned, gob-smacked, bewildered, dumbfounded, flabbergasted, horrified, incredulous, surprised, taken aback Torment -
agony, anguish, hurt, misery, pain, punishment, suffering, afflict, angst, conflict, distress, grief, heartache, misfortune, nightmare, persecute, plague, sorrow, strife, tease, test, trial, tribulation, torture, turmoil, vex, woeTouch - (physical) - blow, brush, caress, collide, come together, contact, converge, crash, cuddle, embrace, feel, feel up, finger, fondle, frisk, glance, glide, graze, grope, handle, hit, hug, impact, join, junction, kiss, lick, line, manipulate, march, massage, meet, nudge, palm, partake, pat, paw, peck, pet, pinch, probe, push, reach, rub, scratch, skim, slide, smooth, strike, stroke, suck, sweep, tag, tap, taste, thumb, tickle, tip, touching, toy, bite, bump, burrow, buss, bury, circle, claw, clean, clutch, cover, creep, crush, cup, curl, delve, dig, drag, draw, ease, edge, fiddle with, flick, flit, fumble, grind, grip, grub, hold, huddle, knead, lap, lave, lay a hand on, maneuver, manhandle, mash, mold, muzzle, neck, nestle, nibble, nip, nuzzle, outline, play, polish, press, pull, rasp, ravish, ream, rim, run, scoop, scrabble, scrape, scrub, shave, shift, shunt, skate, slip, slither, smack, snake, snuggle, soothe, spank, splay, spread, squeeze, stretch, swipe, tangle, tease, thump, tongue, trace, trail, tunnel twiddle, twirl, twist, tug, work, wrap (mental) - communicate, examine, inspect, perception, scrutinizeWet -bathe, bleed, burst, cascade, course, cover, cream, damp, dampen, deluge, dip, douse, drench, dribble, drip, drizzle, drool, drop, drown, dunk, erupt, flood, flow, gush, immerse, issue, jet, leach, leak, moisten, ooze, overflow, permeate, plunge, pour, rain, rinse, run, salivate, saturate, secrete, seep, shower, shoot, slaver, slobber, slop, slosh, sluice, spill, soak, souse, spew, spit, splash, splatter, spout, spray, sprinkle, spurt, squirt, steep, stream, submerge, surge, swab, swamp, swill, swim, trickle, wash, waterWicked - abominable, amoral, atrocious, awful, base, barbarous, dangerous, debased, depraved, distressing, dreadful, evil, fearful, fiendish, fierce, foul, heartless, hazardous, heinous, immoral, indecent, intense, mean, nasty, naughty, nefarious, offensive, profane, scandalous, severe, shameful, shameless, sinful, terrible, unholy, vicious, vile, villainous, wayward, bad, criminal, cruel, deplorable, despicable, devious, ill-intentioned, impious, impish, iniquitous, irreverent, loathsome, Machiavellian, mad, malevolent, malicious, merciless, mischievous, monstrous, perverse, ruthless, spiteful, uncaring, unkind, unscrupulous, vindictive, virulent, wretchedWrithe - agonize, bend, jerk, recoil, lurch, plunge, slither, squirm, struggle, suffer, thrash, thresh, twist, wiggle, wriggle, angle, arc, bow, buck, coil, contort, convulse, curl, curve, fidget, fight, flex, go into spasm, grind, heave, jiggle, jolt, kick, rear, reel, ripple, resist, roll, lash, lash out, screw up, shake, shift, slide, spasm, stir, strain, stretch, surge, swell, swivel, thrust, turn violently, tussle, twitch, undulate, warp, worm, wrench, wrestle, yank 


I’ve reblogged it before, and I’ll reblog it again

This list has saved my butt more than I wish to admit! I highly recommend saving for a rainy day!

I feel like this post was made for writing smut??

I second, this definitely makes me think of smut.



Oct. 23rd, 2017 02:35 am
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my computer froze and I was blessed with the purest image

#reblog for good luck#or just reblog for smiley space dad baze i mean (via @cassandor)

“i don’t need luck i have smiley space dad baze :)” 

– chirrut, probably

Please Help Grandma

Oct. 23rd, 2017 01:04 am
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Hey y’all, I know that you guys don’t know me and all, but I was wondering if you guys can share this GoFundMe for my grandma eye surgery that me and my brother are launching. She has been having headaches and serious problems with her vision. She’s sooo sooo good, she has taken care of us ever since our mom left when we were little. She is so strong and kind, and loving. 

I know this might not get far, we just don't know what to do right now. We don’t have insurance or anything and I don’t want her to just suffer through it. If you can reblog and donate if you’re able to. we just need help, she’s honestly the only family member that I have. The goal is $3752 which would just cover the surgery. Please y’all. please.
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so for some reason hershey’s thinks that golden apples would be great to sell as valentine’s candy

so i got one and wrote this on top:

and left it on a table in the studio

less than five minutes later people were fighting about it

my plan has thus far been a success

I love you

you do realize this is how the trojan war started right

this is definitely how the college au of the iliad starts

Obi-Wan’s Snobbery

Oct. 22nd, 2017 11:34 pm
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Obi-Wan is one of those characters who genuinely believes he isn’t in anyway a bigot. This is in spite of the fact that he struggles when dealing with people who are “uncultured,” and “uncivilised,” as if those words weren’t subjective. Apparently the only culture that matters is Core World culture. If you don’t know about that you’re uncultured, clearly ignorant, and a rather pathetic life-form in need of rescue, and a “proper” education. To be refined is to appreciate opera, and the fine arts. It doesn’t involve being multilingual, and deeply immersed in the art, etiquette, and society that developed separately on an Outer Rim world. They’re archaic, naturally: Clearly inferior. Obi-Wan is a snob who is barely aware that he is one, and he is all the more a better character for it.

This is one reason I absolutely love imagining Clone Wars!Obi-Wan interacting with timetraveler!Bennu.

Bennu Kenobi is Unfathered of Tatooine. She grew up with her mother in the middle of the desert; she never finished school. (Leia helped her gain the Star Wars equivalent of a GED via correspondence course, not that Bennu tells her past-mother that.) Bennu speaks with an Outer Rim accent; she likes tinkering with random mechanical odds and ends, she has nothing approximating a classical lightsaber style and fights absolutely dirty, throwing everything but the kitchen sink at her enemy.

And Bennu Kenobi can speak at least two languages fluently. Is well on her way to becoming an acknowledged Wise Woman. Can tell the Stories. Can flow through the Dances.

Bennu is unquestionably, entirely, unashamedly, herself. Bennu Kenobi. Unfathered. Daughter of the Desert. Jedi Knight. She will fight you if you insult her religion. She hates slavers (she still remembers the promise she made to her mother, so long ago - run. hide. Kill them if you have to. Never let them take you.). She plain-up doesn’t care what other people think of her, what other people see, and she does not accept the authority of those she does not respect.

Bennu Kenobi would give clone wars!Obi-Wan culture shock.
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Nittany apples, potomac, magness, and bartlett pears, head of cabbage, celeriac, snacking peppers, and a chicken empanada.

I also picked up a quart of vegan mulligatawny soup, caramelized onion and mushroom sandwiches, and pretzel challah from Soupergirl! because [personal profile] fabrisse came over to watch movies with me. We got most of the way through Too Late for Tears before my DVD player started glitching. I think I may finally have to get a new one, as this one is literally decades old -- anyone have a recommendation for an affordable model I can get locally or get from Amazon?

I was hoping to have a watching party for Over the Garden Wall and other Halloween-themed media next weekend, but I'll have to see.

Also, I'm almost finished with [personal profile] fabrisse's Kraken Knuckles, and need to decide what to do next. Probably Anneal (I have some sparkly green yarn for it), but maybe the Wonder Woman wrap (knit? or crochet?), or maybe one of the Morehouse Merino critter scarfs for the Knit-Along (giant alligator? school of fish? pile of lab rats)?


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