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Title: Quatrain -- A Song In Four Voices
Rating: Mature
Pairing (if any): Gabriel/Kali/Jess/Sam
Word count: 24946
Warnings/Spoilers: domestic violence, violence against children, dysfunction families, incest (all discussed)
Wordcount: 25,140
Notes: Thanks to [personal profile] hannah for lots of patience and excellent beta'ing, and to [ profile] kdheart for a gorgeous cover image.

Summary: Squaring up is hard to do - moreso outside of the species. Gabriel wants to get married, properly married, with two wives and a husband all properly aligned. And all he needs to do is get Sam and Jess to let him, a sub-adult blue, into their relationship, and then find a suitable red-moiety female angel who'll agree to the arrangement. Simple, right?

Read at my Dreamwidth or AO3
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Title: My Blood On Your Tongue
Author: [personal profile] anaraine
Rating: R
Word Count: 1523
Characters/Pairing: Gabriel/Sam
Warnings: dubcon-ish, bloodplay
Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, and I don’t make any money writing about them. They remain copyright to their creators.
Prompt: All his years of kicking it as a pagan gave Gabriel a taste for blood rituals. So when he says he can purify Sam’s blood, he means something more than just a laying on of hands full of grace.

(I can purify your blood, Sam. Clean out everything you've been guzzling down and even rip out Azazel's little present by the roots.

Even if I believed you —which I don't, Gabriel; wipe that look off your face— nothing like that would come for free. Maybe you could purify my blood - but what would it cost me?
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Title: Underneath Your Skin (3/10)

Rating: R

Genre: AU (college).

Pairings: Sam/Gabriel pre-slash with hints of Dean/Castiel.

Warnings: Severe mental health problems, past child abuse.

Summary: Gabriel’s never minded missing entire chunks of time- at least until he wakes up in hospital and discovers the reason behind them. College is hard enough without therapy and other students acting like you’re a bomb about to go off. Sam Winchester wants to help, or at least prove that not everyone’s got the wrong idea, but he isn’t getting very far.

Notes: I do not have the psychiatric disorder featured in this fic, and there will probably be mistakes, so I apologise to anyone offended by them in advance.

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Aug. 31st, 2010 05:30 pm
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A fantastic anonymous fill from [community profile] spn_bitesized's kink meme. It's amazing and not just because I was the prompter.

Title:  Injured Wings
Rating:  R
Pairing:  Sam/Gabriel
Spoilers:  Uh, 5.19/5.22, I guess?
Notes:  powers!Sam, powerplay, wing!kink, hints of possible bdsm
Teaser:  Sam was asleep when he entered the sun porch, sprawled out on the tattered couch. Gabriel gazed down at him for a minute, trying to reconcile the being who could extinguish stars with this tired man who drooled on throw pillows and left coffee mugs about until they could start their own civilizations.