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Cute little baby seal on the dunes.


@elenothar“Isn’t he precious?”

Aug. 23rd, 2017 06:34 pm
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“Isn’t he precious?”
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Do you ever start bullshitting a paper, and then look over it halfway through and think, ’…Wait a minute, I could be onto something here.’

this is the definition of college.

Literally I was writing a paper on Asian salt water crocodiles, like a simple about them paper for a college class, and I started noticing some inconsistencies in the scientific papers I was sourcing and I accidentally discovered that the crocodile has been misdiagnosed as least concerned on the endangered species list when they should be classified as endangered and now my professor is having me write a formal report to the international Red List to have them reclassified and all I wanted to do was write this paper on an animal I thought was cool and now I’m considered an expert on this species…

this is how it works half of esteemed biologists trip and fall into their specialty while pursuing something else. one lecturer i just went to started as a biochemist researching antibiotics and discovered that crocodiles change colors based on environment and now he has 30+ crocs in his yard for research purposes and he’s just like… “wait… i’m a chemist…”

How did so many people end up with crocodiles on accident?????
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Slightly different adoption

what a good and wholesome post
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so im sure at least some of yall have seen this lil post of mine floating around with its various commentaries added on

looking through the notes, i noticed a lot of people (including my own mutuals) commented things like “yeah this is ok for kids but its weird for adults” and i honestly think that theyre missing the original point of my post

EVERYONE, no matter the age, is allowed to have fun, so long as they arent hurting anyone. it doesnt matter if its a 12-year-old or a 26-year-old with a rainbow sparkly alicorn oc, if it aint hurting anyone, its fucking fine.

dont squander creativity in ANYONE, regardless of age. in fact, end cringe culture entirely.
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Heather Heyer’s mom gives heartbreaking yet stirring funeral speech

“Find what’s wrong. Don’t ignore it, don’t look the other way, you make a point to look at it and say to yourself, ‘What can I do to make a difference?’ And that’s how you’re going to make my child’s death worthwhile. I’d rather have my child, but by golly, if I gotta give her up, we’re going to make it count.”
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Trump is forcing an internet provider to turn over the personal details of 1.3 million people who visited an anti-Trump website! We have 2 days to stop him. 

What kind of fresh fascist shit is this?


Aug. 22nd, 2017 04:04 pm
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One of my internet friend’s cat is missing! We need all the help we can get to bring Dipper home safe and sound! Please signal boost this!

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in my mothers jewelry box, hidden amongst precious family heirlooms was a promotional coin for space jam

Reblog the spacejam coin for luck and money

Me: *starts writing fanfic*

Aug. 22nd, 2017 07:24 am
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Me: *starts writing fanfic*
*fanfic accidentally ends up a billion times longer than intended*
Me: *internally screaming*

Welcome to Gotham. Part 1?

Aug. 22nd, 2017 07:24 am
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Note to self: Never listen to Welcome to Night Vale while reading Batman Comics. You will get fic ideas and you will not be able to get rid of them.

I hope I didn’t make it seem like I was ripping off the podcast too much. Please enjoy. I may or may not write more and am very much open for ideas.

The radio spits and hiss static before a calm and soothing Voice echoes from the speakers.

“An angst filled city where the skyscrapers reach to the sky. The smog is thick. And where we all choke on the desperation of hopes and dreams while people in capes fly over us at night; Welcome to Gotham.”

A soft piano is played for several moments. It is both haunting and beautiful and for some reason you are reminded of your grandmother. Even though your grandmother never had a piano.

“Hello Listeners. I have been asked to start off this show with a message from the Gotham Community College Council. The message is the following:

‘You may have noticed that there is an out of place classroom in building 3E that has a door plaque that says ‘Art in real life’. If you see the classroom please do not enter it. The College Council is eight-four percent sure that it is a portal to another dimension and would like to remind everyone that accidently entering another dimension and not returning for several weeks is not a good reason for absences nor for missing any tests. So please, leave that classroom alone. The matter being investigated.’

And now for the news. The eight-car pile-up down by the GCPD has been cleared away. Commissioner Gordon has released a statement saying that no one was seriously harmed and the pile-up was with mostly parked cars with no one in them. GCPD has arrested the persons who caused the crash but has not released any details as to why the crash happened. Traffic in the area will now resume its normal, slug like pace in the coming hour.

A new vigilante has appeared on Gotham’s Cape Scene this month. Who is he and what does he want? Is he a vigilante? Or is he a rogue pretending to be a vigilante? He wears a red helmet that in certain lights looks like the head of a male genitalia and a very nice leather jacket. Unlike most of the Cape Scene in Gotham, this young man uses an excessive number of guns and bullets and has a habit of killing people. So far, the young man in question has taken out several drug rings and has made himself the Crime Overlord of Crime Alley.

A rather strange goal if you ask me. But hey, whatever floats your boat Mr. Overlord. Whatever floats your boat.  There has been no word on the street as of yet if or when Batman will have his confrontation with the young man, that sources say is called The Red Hood, but keep your eyes peeled and be prepared to duck and cover if you see either of them! No one likes to be hit by a stray Batarang after all. Or a bullet for that matter.

In more exciting news, The Riddler was defeated today by an eight-year-old girl named Suzie. Little Suzie is an avid fan of puns, riddles and crossword puzzles and was one of the many school children who were taken hostage at the museum yesterday while on a school field trip. Before any of the Bats managed to even break into the building, little Suzie not only completed all of the puzzles that The Riddler had left, she also threw a several thousand-dollar statue at the rogue’s head, knocking him out.

Nightwing spent at least five minutes crying with laughter at the sight of little Suzie standing over The Riddler’s unconscious body in triumph. Robin was the one who had to cuff The Riddler seeing as Nightwing was incapacitated by his own laughter. Bruce Wayne, the owner of the statue used to knock out The Riddler, has congratulated Suzie on her puzzle solving skills and good aim. The billionaire has replaced the statue with another one from his collection and has not asked for payment from anyone for the destruction of the last one. What a great guy.

Let’s have a moment to talk about safety for a moment. In the last few weeks there have been many sightings of what appears to be Ninjas. But since they look very obvious and Ninja like, this presenter is slightly hesitant to call them that. I mean, what kind of Ninja advertises that they are a Ninja? I thought the whole idea of being a Ninja was to not be seen or noticed?

Anyway. Safety. It is not a good not safe idea to heckle, curse out or attack these strange Ninja people. They have been proven to be armed and dangerous and are more than willing to leave you upside down on a light post if you annoy them. So far there have been no deaths from these strange Ninjas but it would be best to avoid them just in case.

And now, the weather:”

Instead of the weather you hear a song about waiting for a bus in the rain. You are extremely confused and have a very bad feeling that this song is going to be stuck in your head for the rest of the week.

“Welcome back listeners.

One of the newest trends for the Gotham Twitter threads has been ‘I’mtellingbatman’. And it has been a hit. While it is completely unfounded whether or not Batman actually reads these tweets, they are extremely funny and amusing to read. For instance, this one is from R33ne_Moyt who said: Nightwing has been sitting on my roof petting my cat for the last 10min. plz give her back. #i’mtellingbatman. #ineedtofeedher.  And here is another one from 59oiler that said: Robin fell asleep eating a chilidog and is now covered in it XD. #i’mtellingbatman #plzletthisboysleep.

I have to say, if you have twitter and the time I would suggest you check it out. It will surely brighten your day.

Gotham City Mayoral Council has released a new statement today about the upcoming election. The Statement released explains that the new laws saying that you cannot run for mayor if you have committed serious offences or have been a part of any major gang such as Black Mask’s or Joker’s is in no way discriminatory. It is rather a precaution to ensure that they person whom is chosen for Mayor is not a figure head for any gang leader or rogue or that they are no planning to take over the city and rule as a dictator. Gotham City has strict laws on dictatorship and with having certified insane people ruling and or governing the city.

Our time is coming to an end listeners. Coming up next is the relaxing hour of sweet and soft songs from the local worshipers of the Green. Thank you, listeners. And Goodnight.”

The Voice is gone. And all that is left is static once more. You are left wondering how you came across this station in the first place.

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"who says you can't defy gravity?
who says you gotta stay in this galaxy?
let's start a revolution, let's start a revolution

under the cover of darkness falling, we make the rules 'til day is dawning
and anything can happen underneath the moonlight, tonight, tonight, tonight

yeah we've still got a few more miles out where love can still be wild
and we might live forever for a little while tonight, tonight, tonight

the night is on our side, let's start a revolution
start a revolution"

--little big town
"night on our side"
grand ole opry, 20 august 2017
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Makes me wonder what they’d write if he were white and had a past he was trying to move on from. I hate the media #Racism 

His name is Aaron Tucker.

You can donate to a thank you fund for Aaron Tucker here.
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Athena blessed her with the ability to protect herself and men beheaded her for it.

That’s actually a really intetesting intpretation of it I hadn’t thought of. Most people seem to think Athena turned Medusa into a gorgon as punishment for defiling her temple, but thinking that she did so to protect her from being abused again is interesting and I like it!

Athena’s hands were tied. Yes, she was a powerful Goddess, but she was very much a woman in a “boys club”, and the true offending party (don’t think for a moment that Athena blamed Medusa for being raped in the temple, Athena knows better) held all the cards. There was nothing that Athena could do to punish the true criminal, and she was expected to punish Medusa by everyone else. What’s a Goddess to do when she cannot punish those who need to be punished and is expected to punish not only the truly innocent party, but her most beloved follower? Use that incredible brain power she had to protect Medusa at all costs, and of course the men would see it as punishment, to be have her beauty stripped from her and sent to live in the shadows. Medusa should have been KILLED for supposedly defiling the temple, whether she truly did or not, but she was given the gift of life, and the ability to protect herself and her daughters (who she bore thanks to Poseidon). This is why Medusa’s image was used to signify woman’s shelters and safe houses.

Medusa means “guardian; protectress”, and she was.

What TCW could have done

Aug. 22nd, 2017 02:04 am
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But didn’t…

We didn’t need Satine nor her death for Kenobi Manpain™.

All they needed to do, to make him freak out (and Anakin, because that sort of horror isn’t something you’d expect from Jedi master…)

What if Stewjon was a Separatist planet? Like “FUCK YOU REPUBLIC WE DON’T CARE WE’rE SIDING WITH SITHS WE HATE YOUR COLONIALISTIC SHIT AND WE’RE DONE” level of separatist.

And who does the kriffing council send to “make Stewjon see the warm safety of Republic’s embrace with the help of countless batalions”?


(I hope you don’t mind but your post made me think of this. Marilla is named for Marilla of Green Gables, a hard-ass pragmatic farm lady with a heart of gold if there ever was one)

Padme had questioned it when she saw the name on the list of negotiators but had been reassured that Kenobi was a very common surname on Stewjon and that, well, even if there were any relation, it has been quite a long time ago.


Marilla Kenobi was of middling height, had ginger hair shot through with silver, carried herself like your favourite auntie come visiting and had an intelligence in her eyes that was brighter than any lightsaber Padme had ever seen.

There was no doubt in Padme’s mind that this was the woman who’d given birth to the Jedi standing right next to her.

Obi Wan, on the other hand, was trying very hard to maintain his composure. He had admitted to being grudgingly impressed by the legal briefs written by Stewjon’s Chief Counsellor but Stewjon did have certain strategic value and was a key agricultural producer for the sector.

While it was hoped their departure from the Republic could be prevented through negotiations, Stewjon was too important to be allowed to leave under any circumstances.

Obi Wan had been sent because, well, he was the Negotiator.

Padme had been concerned about these talks but she hadn’t been worried.

Until now.

Obi Wan’s struggle was only apparent if you really knew him, which Padme did.

And while she did not know Marilla, she was well versed enough in her son’s habits to know that the Chief Counselor had known immediately who the Jedi sitting across from her was. And had made up her mind that her son’s presence on the other side of the table did not matter, her people’s freedom was too important.

Padme was suddenly unsure which Kenobi to put her money on.

Yes - yes! And if this ended up in disaster… Not all batalions are commanded by Jedi, they’re stretched thin and many are led by regular officers…

The negotiations fail. Obi-Wan doesn’t know who gave the command to attack. It doesn’t matter anymore. He has to go there again and present them the terms of surrender.

“You have Stewjonian name, Kenobi. You won’t be received as a threat.”

(He isn’t. To them he’s a traitor.)

(The whole affair is a painful drag.)

Marilla’s character sounds like someone who could give birth to our sassmaster. Although I usually go with faux-japanese sounding names for Obi-Wan’s ethnic group, with certain customs surrounding the meanings of their names. Just to make it more painful, when he learns that Wan is a name one usually gives to the firstborn. And he never knew that because he never lived in that culture.


The Campaign for Stewjon becomes it’s own arc.
Obi Wan has never been so conflicted. Anakin has to be the voice of comfort and/or reason. Ahsoka gets captured and is brought to Marilla and cannot bring herself to sass Master Kenobi’s Mother (much)
then Dooku shows up to ‘defend’ the planet and Marilla is even less impressed with him than she is with the whatever Jedi they sent to head the campaign (since they’d almost never begin the campaign with Obi Wan in charge but when things start not going the Republic’s way, they have to send in The Team)
Marilla is captured and ordered to be brought before the Senate for trial or something.
Marilla roasts the Senate over an open fire and actually starts winning people over which is when the assassination attempts start
so eventually we get Obi Wan and Marilla fighting side-by-side when sekrit Stewjonian agents show up.
Obi Wan has a little sister. She’s a good shot and wants her mom back. Immediately.


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